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Small Kine Creations

Unaunai (Fish Scales)

Unaunai (Fish Scales)

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For those who connect with the beauty, mystery and strength of kai (the ocean) and sea life!  

Unaunai (fish scales) - represent abundance and health. 

The Ahu Ahu mataroa shows talent and achievement in athleticism/sports and sometimes represents a new challenge. 

Thought's from the artist, "After learning the cultural meanings behind the different markings of the Moko, my reaction has changed from fear to respect."


Width: 1/2" (one half inch)
Height: 2" (two inches)
Thickness: 1/8" (one eighth inch)


Sterling Silver
Stainless Steel
Purpleheart Wood
Purpleheart is one of the most durable and stable species of hardwood available. Although striking in color, Purpleheart can be stained to appear more red-brown and less purple-pink. In modern day beliefs. it is a wood that harbors important spiritual qualities. Many believe it enhances creative energy, knowledge, and assists in healing. It also may eliminate negative energies and tension in the home.

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