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Small Kine Creations

Iwa Bird

Iwa Bird

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For those whose spirit flies free like the Ka'iwa bird.

'Iwa Bird - Graceful in its flight, an 'iwa may represent attractive or elegant person that draws the admiration of others.  

The Ka'iwa bird was also a homing bird.  Often used to find food and direct sailors to land.  This piece was inspired by mele, stories or songs of hula.  Kamehameha the First was referred honorably as Ka'iwakiloumoku, the frigate bird that hooks the islands together.  


Width: 1/2" (one half inch)
Height: 2" (two inches)
Thickness: 1/8" (one eighth inch)


Sterling Silver
Stainless Steel
Hawaiian Mahogany Wood
Hawaiian mahogany is a beautiful red-brown color, but more dense and closed grained than the more common Swietenia Macrophylla. This wood has the density of Koa for that bright tone but with a distinctly mahogany bass tone. The Alii (royalty) used items made of mahogany : canoes, paddles containers, surfboards, and spears. In late 1800s and early 1900s, the "Hawaiian Mahogany," was used to create ukulele, furniture, staircases, and other woodwork for upper class and government buildings. Hawaiian Mahogany was said to hold the strength of the land, the power of royalty and heart of the people for it is a resilient hard wood that last through generations.

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